While Las Terrenas and Las Galeras boast pristine swaths of sand and sophisticated international vibes, Samaná town – officially Santa Barbara de Samaná – is mostly content to trudge along as the peninsula’s gritty and noisy workhorse. It would be worth little more than a glance in the rearview mirror for most tourists were it not for the whale-watching on offer here.


The first expedition to see North Atlantic humpback whales passing through the waters off the town was in 1985, and every year since then, from mid-January to mid-March, otherwise somnolent Samaná springs to life as an influx of tourists comes to catch glimpses of these magnificent aquatic mammals. Because North Atlantic humpbacks find the bay water particularly suitable for their annual version of speed dating, the commercialization of this natural spectacle has single-handedly catapulted the town’s tourism status – for a few months each year, at least – to world-renowned.

Never could we have imagined the impact the current global health crisis would have on the world. In these unprecedented times, and now more than ever, the safety and health of our valued guests is of paramount importance.

Recent global travel warnings, coupled with airline carrier cancellations, have compelled us to make the difficult decision to close our Hotel Turtle Lagoon beach. Therefore, we will not be able to accept new arrivals effective immediately.

The Caribbean is resilient. We have always come back better, stronger and more passionate than ever. We promise this time will be no exception!

We will take this time to make further enhancements to our hotel, so that we will continue to surpass your expectations and provide you with fantastic vacation.

When the time will be right again, we will be ready to welcome you back with open arms and a warm smile.

We will inform you soon...

Turtle Lagoon Beach Management