Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Basic Policy Concerning Information Security and the Protection of Personal Information of (here in after referred to as « »).


Given the importance of information security and the protection of personal information in the advanced information and communications society,  shall endeavor to appropriately manage and protect information in its possession in accordance with the policy stated here under.


  1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations, etc.  shall comply with policies, guidelines, etc. prescribed in laws and regulations and by administrative organs.
  2. Establishment of a Management System
    A management system shall be established within  and the division of responsibilities shall be clarified.
  3. Compliance with Internal Policies, Rules, Guidelines, etc.  shall formulate and comply with internal policies, rules, guidelines, etc.
  4. Implementation of Safety Measures  shall implement safety measures, and take preventative measures against unauthorized access to information, and the loss, damage, falsification, leaks, etc. of information.
  5. Implementation of Training and Educational Activities  shall promote training and educational activities for employees with an aim to enhance their knowledge and awareness of information management so that information is managed appropriately through thorough familiarization with the said subject.
  6. Coordination with Subcontractors
    If work relating to information management is subcontracted to other companies, then shall select a party with adequate experience and capabilities, shall prescribe matters concerning the duty of confidentiality in relevant agreements and shall ensure that information is managed appropriately.
  7. Operational Improvement Initiatives  shall regularly check whether information is being appropriately managed, and shall continuously exercise initiatives to improve operations.
  8. Measures Upon Occurrence of Accidents
    If accidents occur,  shall minimize damage and swiftly publish necessary information, and take appropriate measures, including measures to prevent recurrence thereof.
  9. Clarification of Inquiries Desk  shall establish an inquiry desk in order to respond swiftly in good faith, to inquiries, complaints and requests from customers.
  10. Publication of this Policy  shall widely publish policies concerning information security and the protection of personal information, including this Policy by posting it on its website, etc.


Reservation Records Handling


  • Management of Personal Information  shall, with a recognition of the importance of customers’ personal information submitted by customers, strictly manage such information using computers, etc., paying close attention to the handling thereof.
  • Shared Use  shall use the reservation records of customers in order to provide services closely related to travel such as hotel, air travel, etc., publicize products and campaigns, and conduct work associated thereto.
    • Shared data items: customers’ name, telephone number, address, email address, age, gender, employer, etc., type of airline mileage program membership number, tier, name of hotel at which the customer will stay, dates of stay, package plan, applicable rate, arrival time, specific requests, credit card number to guarantee reservations.
    • Scope of Users: 
  • Provision of Reservation Records to Travel Agents  shall provide the above information provided for in the above item 2 to travel agents if an inquiry is made based on a reservation number provided to the travel agent by a customer.
  • Provision to Third Parties
    Except for the above mentioned,  shall not provide or disclose reservation records and information to third parties unless customers have given their consent or unless required in accordance with laws and regulations, etc.
  • Confirming Reservations  shall issue a reservation confirmation concerning reservations accepted following the finalization of a reservation by mail or email, etc. to the address, telephone number or email address specified by customers. Furthermore, please note that when making reservations via our website, an email message confirming the reservation will be sent to the email address provided by the customer.
  • Handling of Inquiries, etc.  shall accept inquiries, alterations, etc. relating to reservation records from customers as follows and shall respond in a swift and appropriate manner within reasonable bounds.
  • Inquiries, etc. Relating to Other Reservations
    Inquiries and alterations concerning reservation records from customers who have not made reservations with  should be made directly to the hotel, facility or travel agent, etc. that handled the reservation.
    • Management of Personal Information
      In operating the Turtle Lagoon Beach system, with recognition of the importance of the personal information submitted by Members,  shall treat such personal information with the utmost care, and safeguard such information under a strict computerized security system.
    • Shared Use
      Shared Data Item: Membership number, name, date of birth, gender, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, place of employment (company name, department, title, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address), types of membership cards, lodging history, reservation history, communication history, point records, types of airline mileage program membership number, tier, preference for smoking or non smoking room, taste, memorial days such as wedding anniversary, etc.
    • Provision of personal information to third parties  shall not provide Member’s personal information to any third party except when there is the prior consent of a Member or a prescription in the Terms and Conditions herein and related rules and regulations, or it is required pursuant to applicable laws.
    • Inquiries
      Members’ requests for changes to or deletions of their own registered personal information or other inquiries shall be dealt with in a swift and appropriate manner within reasonable bounds upon personal enquiry by a Member.
      Turtle lagoon beach Office: 

Never could we have imagined the impact the current global health crisis would have on the world. In these unprecedented times, and now more than ever, the safety and health of our valued guests is of paramount importance.

Recent global travel warnings, coupled with airline carrier cancellations, have compelled us to make the difficult decision to close our Hotel Turtle Lagoon beach. Therefore, we will not be able to accept new arrivals effective immediately.

The Caribbean is resilient. We have always come back better, stronger and more passionate than ever. We promise this time will be no exception!

We will take this time to make further enhancements to our hotel, so that we will continue to surpass your expectations and provide you with fantastic vacation.

When the time will be right again, we will be ready to welcome you back with open arms and a warm smile.

We will inform you soon...

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